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Now offering free shipping on all orders!
Crafting Unique Mechanical Models with Passion and Precision

Crafting Unique Mechanical Models with Passion and Precision

At Time for Machine, our team creates unique mechanical models out of metal, wood, and other materials. Like true magicians, we breathe life into these mechanisms, perfecting every detail. But our magic doesn't end there. We invite you to become a magician yourself, playing the final chord of this symphony by assembling the model with your own hands. Your construction set will possess its own unique aura, infused with your touch and the stories of your achievements. Be warned: it's highly addictive! Once you assemble your first model, you won't be able to stop.

Crafting Unique Mechanical Models with Passion and Precision

The Birth of an Idea

Our founder, Denys Okhrimenko, has always been a passionate inventor. Between 2012 and 2014, he used his own money to buy materials and created his first hand-carved construction sets right in his kitchen. These initial models were made of wood. Denys recalls:

"I was designing and making hand-carved models. I also wrote all the instructions and sealed the packages with a building dryer. It usually took me five attempts to do it properly."

designing and making hand-carved models car

Environmental Friendliness

Today, responsible manufacturers and customers choose high-quality products made with care for the environment and society. At Time for Machine, environmental friendliness is paramount. Our models are free from toxic chemicals, made with natural wood, steel, and rubber. This ensures that our customers receive not only aesthetic pleasure but also contribute to the well-being of our planet.

Crafting Unique Mechanical Models with Passion and Precision

Each Model is Your Personal Achievement

How important are material things in our lives? Just hold one of our models in your hands, and you'll realize it's not just soulless matter but a living, breathing entity. Whether you choose cold metal or warm wood, every detail contains the energy of nature and sacred human knowledge. The smallest element is flawless and full of meaning. Your participation in the assembly process transforms it into real magic.

Crafting Unique Mechanical Models with Passion and Precision

Take the pieces in your hands, feel their shape and texture, and watch as all the autonomous elements become one harmonious mechanism. That's how something material becomes precious, and you become a real Creator, fearless and omnipotent.

We always hold greater respect for the things we create with our own hands; they hold heartwarming memories of the evenings spent crafting them. If you meet someone else with the same model, you’ll share a special understanding, united by the invisible magic of Creation. This is how we build the Time for Machine community.

We learned long ago that tedious work can be the new entertainment. While assembling our models, you not only have fun but also develop fine motor skills and boost your brain. You forget your problems and worries, switching to the thrilling Game. Step by step, you get closer to your goal, enjoying yourself as your mind clears and your thoughts become sharp. This balance helps you create something real, beautiful, and sophisticated. In other words, you create a Thing that can become an extension of your mind, helping you find perfect harmony in the great machinery of your life.

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